Donna Tancredi
Owner- The Sleep Tank
Goshen, NY

Hey! I’m Donna Tancredi AKA The Sleep Tank and I want to help your family sleep. I’m a physician’s assistant with over a decade of experience in medicine and mother of 2 under 2. These titles allow me to bring decisiveness, empathy and (let’s be serious) humor to my sleep consulting.

I remember excitedly starting to tell people when I was pregnant with both my children. Immediately everyone told me how I would “never sleep again.” I was terrified! How would we cope?! Well, my children were born, and guess what? We slept! It took trial and error, crying (from everyone) and more error, but we got there both times. Implementing healthy sleep habits allowed my family to enjoy bedtime and I want to give your family that gift. I want there to be cuddles, laughter and reading the same book with your toddler over and over and over again (Diggersaurs amirite?). I want you to have evenings with yourself or your partner that aren’t filled with the fear of what this night will bring. It can happen and I would love to help you get there!