Emilia Ponce
Emilia Ponce Sleep Consultant
Quito - Ecuador


My name is Emilia Ponce, I am a certified Sleep Sense Consultant and thanks to the extensive training led by Dana Obleman, creator of the Sleep Sense Program™. I have the skills needed to help you and your family develop healthy sleep habits for your children and guide you through the process of teaching them the skills they need to sleep independently.

When my son Joaquin was born, I experienced firsthand the effects that severe sleep deprivation can have on you, your child and your marriage. I know how frustrating it can be to try everything in order to get some rest and see that nothing is working. I am passionate about helping other parents whose babies or toddlers aren’t sleeping through the night, or having the adequate nap time during the day. I know that a well-rested child is more manageable, happier and healthier, so the rewards are countless.

In addition to the Sleep Sense™ certification I also have a Bachelor degree in Business and a Masters in Marketing. Knowledge that has helped me tremendously through the process of coaching parents in this this very important matter.