Ericka Cooley
Owner - Cooley Sleep Consulting
Olympia, WA

My name is Ericka Cooley and I’m a mom of two young ones, Taylor and Matthew. My daughter Taylor was what I like to call a unicorn baby. She slept like a dream, was a happy baby, and she made me feel like this “mom-ing” thing was so easy!

A year and a half later I had Matthew and he threw me for a loop! When he was 5 weeks old, I threw in the towel. He was sleeping 45 minutes at a time, would only fall asleep to a bottle, and wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on top of me.

I was experiencing true sleep deprivation. I was forgetting where I put the baby, I was falling asleep standing up, and finally after a night of 10 hours of continuous crying (from Matthew and I both), I made the best decision of my life. I called a sleep consultant. I cried to her on the phone and begged her to start that night! I still say it was a miracle that we were able to get him sleeping through the night in just a few weeks.

A few months after our miraculous change, I knew it was my duty to help other moms discover that a full night’s rest isn’t out of reach!

I feel blessed to be able to provide families the sleep we all dream about!