Erin Lawyer
Founder - Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting
Greenville, SC

Hello! I’m Erin Lawyer, Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and owner of Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting, based in Greenville, SC.

As a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, I am dedicated to helping parents learn the skills to teach their children to become independent, healthy sleepers (and get themselves more sleep in the process). As a mom to three young boys, I’ve experienced plenty of sleep deprivation, and recognize the importance of a good night sleep for everyone in the family.

I work intimately with families to build a customized program that allows you, as parents, to feel confident in the gentle changes we will make to transform your children into good sleepers. I provide the support, knowledge and guidance for your child to improve his overall sleep for his health, happiness and development.

I understand how challenging and stressful it can be for parents to make changes to their child’s sleep habits while second-guessing every step of the process. My focus is to educate and empower parents to help their child get the quality sleep they need. Good sleep is possible!! Let me show you how!