Estelle Meier
Geneva, Switzerland

Welcome to Sleepmybaby. If you are reading this, you are almost certainly a new parent. And there is a good chance that you can’t remember when you last had a full and restful night’s sleep. You are in the right place. Let me introduce myself. My name is Estelle, and the reason you are here is my son, Charles!

After Charles was born, sleeping was far from being one of my top priorities: I had a thousand and one other things to worry about. And anyway, a baby doesn’t necessarily sleep through the night in the first few months of his life, so it was normal for me not to be getting much sleep either…

Weeks went by, and I waited patiently. Months and months went by, and I waited on and on for Charles to sleep through the night. But that magical night never came. To find some help, I initially turned to my circle of close friends and family, but I soon realised that most parents seemed to have quickly forgotten those difficult times of their baby’s first year of life.

I spent enormous amounts of time searching the teaming world of baby blogs, websites and forums to find a solution. I eventually decided to try the good old-fashioned method of letting Charles cry ‘a bit’. How traumatised could a baby boy be by a little bit of bawling?

Unlucky me! It turned out that Charles was going to be a tough nut to crack—he could cry non-stop for hours.

For seven months, nothing that I tried to see us through the night worked, so I decided to go on a training course. I studied the physiology of sleep and all its characteristics. I acquired a multitude of new skills for reorganizing a child’s sleep patterns throughout every stage of their development. But above all, I went on to develop those skills in a very personal way. Each family and each child’s life story are unique. Unfortunately, because nobody thought to carve the ten commandments of bedtime in stone so that baby would sleep through the night, solutions must always be made to measure.

Sleepmybaby was born of necessity: the need to find the right information to help a child sleep through the night, the need to apply that information at the right time of day and the need to adapt that information to each stage of that child’s development.

Sleep is vital, and many, many scientific studies have demonstrated its importance. It is essential for growth, for assimilating the information received during waking hours and as a time to release physical and emotional tension. Sleep is particularly vital for newborns as their nights and naps usually take up more than half of their first year of life.

Sleep problems or sleep disturbances include insomnia, all manner of possible anomalies in the sleep cycle and, particularly for little ones, trouble falling asleep and especially falling asleep again between two sleep cycles.

It is important to understand that the amount of sleep one gets—and consequently how much energy one has and whether one is in a good mood—has to be managed over a 24-hour cycle, not just at night. Any frequent or significant problems sleeping will affect a child’s development. And as you know, they also affect the whole family.

After my training, I immediately applied some new sleep guidelines, and Charles was sleeping through the night in a matter of weeks! I don’t want to romanticise the experience, but it truly changed my life. And since then, I have managed to transform the lives of the many families that I have assisted. I cannot keep these secrets to myself.

The good news is that your child almost certainly isn’t sleeping because they have got into bad habits—insignificant little habits that you hadn’t even noticed. Falling asleep can be learnt. Yes, it can! And I propose that we do this together. What’s more, the process only takes about 2 weeks, on average, during which time we will be in constant contact.

So, what does your child need to help them sleep through the night? Well, it’s you. And, of course, Teddy or another cuddly animal who can back you up.

Together, we can meet this challenge.

I look forward to meeting you.