Fanny Large
Founder - La Clé des Songes
Francophone (France, Belgium, Switzerland)

Hello, My name is Fanny, mother of a daughter named Maud. I’m a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and founder of La Clé des Songes.

I know what parents of a sleepless child are going through as I experienced the lack of sleep myself with my daughter. I was lost and exhausted when I discovered the Sleep Sense™ program and it really changed our lives. Because I was convinced that Sleep Sense was THE answer to all the parents who experienced the lack of sleep with their baby, I decided to become a Sleep Consultant to help other families as I have been helped. Sleep is the key to be the best version of you with your kids and I will be there to allow your family to find the way of good sleep!

I am based in Les Hauts de Seine, near Paris but used to work with French-speaking parents around the world.