Faustine Boulton
Founder - Du Sommeil au Rêve
France, Switzerland, Belgium, UK (west midlands/ Birmingham)

I’m Faustine BOULTON, the proud mommy of a little boy born in July 2018, Felix.

Like many, I became a Sleep Sense Consultant thanks to my own experience! At that time my son was 9 months old and was waking up every 45 minutes. It was really hard and I needed help. I really enjoyed being guided with a step-by-step method that was benevolent and very effective at the same time.

My son became a great sleeper and it truly changed our lives. It made me understand that, prior to sleep training, I was totally ignorant about the sleep needs of a baby or a child. And around me, not that many health professionals knew about it either. That’s the reason I wanted to be trained by Dana Obleman, to spread the word of the importance of healthy sleep habits and help exhausted families so they can fully enjoy parenthood the way they imagined it and give their personal best to their children by being rested.

Did you know? Sleeping is not an option …

I created “Du Sommeil au rêve” so your little ones can slip easily into the land of dreams.