Georgina Rogerson
Georgina Rogerson Sleep Consulting
Singapore and UK (Buckinghamshire)

My name is Georgina and I am a mummy to two beautiful girls, Isla and Sophie. I have always been someone who loves sleep, as a child I would happily take myself off to bed nice and early every night without any encouragement from my parents (the dream huh..?)

I have often been teased for wanting to sleep so much, I felt my need for sleep was viewed as weak and lazy and so I began my research into the world of sleep. Over time I discovered the huge importance of sleep for optimal functionality and I was reassured that my sleep needs were actually quite normal.

Lack of sleep effects mood, productivity, health, mind and focus. This applies equally to babies and children; they are growing so quickly and good quality sleep is vital for their development. Sleep needs to be consistent, continuous and on a regular schedule in order for it to be restorative, enabling optimal brain function and a healthy immune system. We spend one third of our life asleep and yet many people know very little about its function and necessity, it is just as important as healthy eating and exercise, yet is so often overlooked.

When I was expecting my first daughter, I found myself reading every baby sleep book going. Knowing how much I needed my sleep I was determined to help my daughter sleep well from an early age. Teaching my children to be good independent sleepers and maintaining these sleep skills throughout their different stages of development, brought huge benefits to my family. The children were well rested and much happier in the day. I had much more energy after having had a good night’s sleep, which meant I could spend more time with my children and quality time with my husband.

This inspired me to pass on my knowledge and experience to help other families teach their children how to sleep well. I underwent an extensive training and mentoring programme with Dana Obleman to become a certified Sleep Sense Consultant.