Hala Wahab
Angel Dreamers Sleep Consultant
Lebanon/Saudi Arabia & GCC

Hi! I’m Hala, Your Trained and Certified Sleep Consultant!
I come from a large family and have 5 siblings. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been around children and have taken care of them – whether they were my own siblings or the kids I played with and put to nap at the nursery school I worked at.

I had always known that I wanted to build a career through working with children. That’s why I earned myself a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Teaching Diploma.

With a fiancé by my side and dreams of having my own children one day, I decided to train myself in Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense program and use my skills to not only plan ahead for when I have children of my own but also use the knowledge to help other struggling mothers who are having a hard time putting their kids to bed.

There began my practice, which I named Angel Dreamers Sleep Consultant. Angels have halos and my name Hala means ‘halo around the moon’. The play with halos led to the birth of my logo: an angel and moon sketched in the style of a child’s drawing with halos around both.

My sleep philosophy is to introduce healthy sleep habits to make your child healthy, attentive and happy!