Once upon a time… I was in your shoes! An exhausted first time mom who wasn’t sure where to turn. My name is Isabelle Wiebe, founder of Tiny Leaps Big Changes Sleep Consulting. I am a proud oilfield wife and mother of one.

I decided to embark on this journey of becoming a sleep consultant, after seeing how much implementing The Sleep Sense™Program not only helped my baby girl sleep better at night, but also improved our everyday quality of life. I became very passionate about the whole topic of sleep and decided to take it a step further. I want to help those parents who like myself, don’t have time to “nap when the baby naps”, or relieve the exhaustion with fresh air or a diet change. Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids.

When the opportunity came knocking…I couldn’t pass it up! Everything happens for a reason and THIS is what I was meant to do. Being handpicked and trained by Dana Obleman herself was nothing short of an amazing experience! If you’re struggling with your child’s sleep I would love to help.



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