Jaclynn Hart
Founder - Raha Sleep Consultants
Cape Town, South africa

About Me
My name is Jaclynn Hart and I am a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant that can work with families worldwide. Sleep Sense™ is a program that can completely change your life and bring rest and peace into your home that you have been wishing to have. What does this mean exactly? I give parents the tools they need to teach their child to sleep through the night independently. That way, everyone gets a good night’s sleep and the rest they deserve!

My Story
My journey into Sleep Sense™ Consulting started when I used to live with my best friend and her family and saw the impact broken sleep had, not only on the baby, but also on the entire family. They had two babies quite close together and went through phases of great sleep but most of the time they were up between four and ten times a night and needing to both work the next day. I kept thinking to myself, “There has to be an easier way!”

Discovering the Sleep Sense™ Program
I have been working at a special needs school for the past seven years because I am a naturally caring and patient person, but this has never been my dream passion. When my desire to see my friends and other families rested and my passion to help people aligned, I came to hear of Sleep Sense. It all suddenly made sense! I have since graduated from the Sleep Sense™ Consultant training, run by the founder of the program. I have also conducted my own consultations with some families and I am pleased to say that they were all successful.

How can I help you?
As a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, I can help your child with long, restful nap times, and sleeping through the night so you can all wake happily in the morning. I work with children of all ages, from newborn to school age, and I will stay with you until you meet your sleep goals. I will provide you with a clear, customized sleep plan for your child and support you as you teach your child independent sleep skills that will last a lifetime. I’m excited to help you on this exciting and rewarding journey!