Jenna Phan
Founder- Phan of Sleep
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hey there!

I’m Jenna Phan, founder of Phan Of Sleep. As a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant I work with families to help educate, structure, and support healthy age-appropriate sleep. I truly enjoy working with moms and dads as a team to reach your sleep goals. Every family has different needs and goals so I take an individual approach to getting everyone in the home well rested.

As a sleep specialist I want to help you gain confidence in yourself (to support your child’s sleep) and to trust in your child’s ability to sleep independently. Another one of my goals is to install confidence so after we finish working together you’ll have the courage to navigate sleep changes as your babe grows. I’ll be in your corner to answer questions, help you master sleep and cheer you on during the time we work together.

My husband and I welcomed our first child in April 2021 and have utilized the sleep education I’ve acquired since day one. I know from personal experience that I’m at my best when my basic needs (mainly sleep and nutrition) are met. Being well rested helps us show up to parenthood with patience, love, creativity and compassion. The role of a parent is truly the most important title we will ever hold as human beings. I’m passionate about sleep and helping you get more of it!

I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but am able to serve clients virtually worldwide. I provide you with a personalized nap and nighttime routine and continuous support along the way.

Prior to becoming a certified sleep sense consultant I worked as a Registered Dental Assistant for over a decade. I worked with many families and children. I have a special love for knowledge and education which has served me well in both of my careers.

I look forward to helping you reclaim rest so you can enjoy some solo or couple time each evening. What would you do with a few hours to yourself at the end of the day?