Julia Brown
Founder - Julia’s Joy Sleep Consulting
Nashville, TN

Hi! My name is Julia Brown. I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Prior to becoming a pediatric sleep consultant, I was a 2nd grade teacher. My favorite parts of teaching were working with children and their families, so I get that same enjoyment today helping parents and their children get the rest everyone deserves!

More recently, I have discovered my favorite job in the world – being a mom! Just like you though, I desperately started searching for ways to gently get my daughter to sleep. I was sleep deprived and I knew we needed help! After some research and establishing some very gentle methods and routines, our daughter started sleeping through the night.

It was LIFE CHANGING for us! Having a baby that had healthy sleep habits, helped me heal mentally and physically during those fragile postpartum months. This is why Julia’s Joy was created.

I have been there, and I would LOVE to help you because I am passionate about helping other families get sleep too!