Kala Guichard
Sleep at Last
Youngsville, LA

Hello. My name is Kala Guichard. My background is in Speech-Language Pathology, and I’m the founder of Sleep at Last, Pediatric Sleep Consulting.

I am passionate about sleep, but I didn’t really realize how much this was true until I had my son, who wasn’t always a great sleeper. He is now, and for that, I have the Sleep Sense™ Program to thank! My success with the Sleep Sense™ Program fueled my passion to help others. I felt empowered to share my knowledge. Just because you have a child, does not mean you have to sacrifice your sleep and sanity!

Let me help you avoid the mistakes I made. I would love to help your family restore the health and balance it deserves. When your child sleeps well, everyone sleeps well. I would love help you design a plan that works for your family. If you’re ready for a change, I am ready to help and would love the opportunity to do so!