Kathleen Hilchey
Founder - Rise & Shine Sleep Coaching
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hi! My name is Kathleen Hilchey and I am the founder of Rise & Shine Sleep Coaching.

I am a mom of 3, a wife, a sleep coach, a former teacher, an anti-bullying specialist, a yogi, and dragonboater!

The Sleep Sense program was given to us by friends who swore that you could have babies AND sleep. Although a bit skeptical, we tried the Newborn Program with our first born, and he was sleeping 12 hours at 10 weeks! When we got pregnant again, we figured we’d just use the same program… and then we got pregnant with twins! As you can imagine, we were totally overwhelmed when the babies arrived, and survived (just barely!) for 6 months without any sleep skills. We finally found the energy to sleep train the twins using the Baby Program, and, within 3 nights they were both sleeping through.

What I have loved about Sleep Sense (not only for my kids but also for my clients) is how loving and connected you can stay to your children throughout the process. And, most importantly, I love how well it works.

Now that I am a consultant, I feel honoured to be welcomed into the folds of a family to help them find the right tools to get everyone sleeping again. Sleep is such a foundation to our health, and, being able to guide people towards a more stable emotional and physical place feels wonderful. I have a soft spot for families struggling with Post-Partum and other mental health challenges.

I get so much joy from helping families move from crisis to health in a short amount of time. I love working with all ages – from newborn to child – as each program helps kids find their way to sleep effectively.

Looking forward to chatting soon!