Katie Fraioli
Once Upon a Dream
Westchester County, NY

As a wife and mother of two beautiful girls, I understand the importance of a good night sleep for a family. When I was expecting my first daughter, and planning on becoming a mother, my friends that traveled down that road before me spoke about some of the life changes I can expect upon becoming a mother. They mentioned the typical issues, such as how your social life is going to change, and how you can expect the need to make adjustments in your career. However, the one comment that always came up was “expect not to get as much sleep as you have had in the past.”

Looking back, whenever the topic of sleep pattern changes came up, I can always detect a different tone in my friend’s voices; A tone that suggested that this was a BIG issue for them. However, I wouldn’t realize just how big of an issue this was until I experienced it for myself once my girls were born.

At first, my first daughter’s sleeping issues were manageable, but they quickly became more and more challenging as she grew older. The problem grew worse with the arrival of my second daughter. She had her own sleep issues which was completely different from my first daughters. Together, this became a huge issue that put an enormous amount of stress on our family.

Thankfully, while discussing the problem with our pediatrician, she suggested pediatric sleep consulting. After doing some research on the topic, my husband and I decided to go forward with our doctor’s suggestion. Well, this fateful decision changed our lives! Once we started our children’s customized sleep training program it wasn’t long before we saw improvements in their sleeping patterns. In no time at all we all were getting more sleep as a family, and best of all, that stress that was taking its toll on all of us was gone.

I was so impressed with the success of this program I developed a deep interest in the science, and psychology behind it. I also found myself wanting to help other families experiencing the same problem we had, by utilizing my new knowledge, and the techniques of the program. I decided to change my career, return to the classroom, and became a Sleep Sense Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.