Katie Letourneau, M.A.
Sleeping Littles
Bloomington, MN

I am the mom of two littles who are on the go nearly every waking moment of their days. Sounds familiar? With my firstborn, I experienced the typical new mom uncertainties of how to get my little to sleep. I did the elaborate rocking and bouncing dances, listening to soft music, had perfectly warmed milk in his favorite bottle, and his favorite lovey. It was comical, crazy, and completely ineffective!

I had to do something different. I did my research, tried some new things, and figured out how to get my little one to sleep on his own in his own bed… Then I found out what life was like with a well-rested child. It’s amazing! I had kid-free evenings with my husband again, and we were able to enjoy life with our little one while feeling well-rested and restored ourselves.

When my second little was born, I was ready. It was much easier because I knew how to teach my child to fall asleep on her own without the elaborate song and dance routine; she slept much better and mastered this earlier than my firstborn. This is what life should be like with children!

I have a M.A. in the field of education, working with children of all ages, from newborn up through high school for the past 8 years. For the past 5 years, I also have been helping families solve their children’s sleep issues – providing customized plans and hands on support to help them achieve their goals of everyone sleeping better at night!

I am also proficient in American Sign Language, so I am able to serve families who primarily communicate using ASL and the relay service.

I discovered what worked for us, and now I want to help you figure out what works for you! Set up a time to speak with me and we’ll chat on how to get your little one sleeping well, and give you your nights back!