Katie Nelson
Little Darling Sleep Consulting
Barrington, IL

Hello, my name is Katie Nelson, Founder of Little Darling Sleep Consulting.

Unfortunately, I know all too well the effects of being sleep deprived because of my own child’s struggles with sleep. Up until my daughter was 5 months old, she was not sleeping through the night and not napping well during the day.

My husband and I spent what seemed like hours each day getting her to fall asleep in the first place. After many sleepless nights, I decided it was time to teach my daughter healthy sleep skills using the Sleep Sense Program™, which I had heard so much about.

Needless to say, our lives completely changed forever. I developed such a passion for my daughter’s sleep and that passion turned into a desire to help other families with similar struggles.

I believe that teaching our children to sleep well is the best thing that we can do for them. Furthermore, we can be more effective parents if we get the sleep WE need.

It is my mission to help change lives with the use of this program; let me change yours!