Katie Nilles
Owner- Katie Nilles Sleep Consulting
Richmond, TX

Hello! I’m Katie Nilles, Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and owner of Katie Nilles Sleep Consulting, based in Richmond, TX.

As a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, it is my passion to guide parents to learn the necessary skills that teach their children to become independent sleepers and well rested children. As a mom of two young girls, I’ve experienced plenty of sleep deprived nights, and know that life changes when everyone is sleeping well.

Teaching children independent sleeping skills isn’t just about sleep, it is about their overall health, development and happiness. I work one on one with families to ensure they are confident when starting their journey to a better night sleep. Each plan is customized around the child to ensure success.

I have been that exhausted and stressed-out Mama when what I thought I knew wasn’t working for my second daughter. I understand the hesitation and second guessing when things did not come as easy as they did with our first daughter. It is my purpose to be the guide, support, and the sounding board to inspire parents to make the changes towards the sleep that everyone deserves. A restful night is possible. Let me help you get there!