Kayla Grundorf
Owner- Keep Asleep with Kayla LLC
Metro Atlanta, Georgia

I am the mother of a rambunctious, strong willed, daredevil 2 year old son. He loves trucks and Dinosaurs! He is the epitome of a boy! I have had the pleasure of serving in the United States Army for 6 years alongside my Husband, whom has served and deployed for this country! I also have experience in being a babysitter for 6 years.

With all of my experiences in life, I thought becoming a parent wouldn’t be as hard as everyone made it out to be, or that I would be okay with the lack of sleep a newborn brings to a new parent’s life. Little did I know that losing sleep for months just isn’t good for anyone. I saw it as something normal and to be embraced, but after almost 6 months of sleep deprivation I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed a solution, not a quick fix or a temporary band aid. I needed something permanent and would last a lifetime.

That’s when I decided to google search how to get my baby to SLEEP as I was holding my son in the rocking chair at midnight. I will never forget this moment, because I had hit rock bottom, HARD, and I needed to see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel for us. I came across The Sleep Sense™ Program by Dana Obleman. We bought a package and started the next day! I never seen my husband read a book so fast in my life! We used her techniques, knowledge (from the book and videos), and methods for our son.

On the third night of using this program, he slept all through the night and not every other hour that he had been doing. We were amazed! I cannot express how grateful and happy we felt that it was working! This is what I want to give parents, a sense of hope and to know that sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and you do not need to wait it out or suffer! You are simply taking care of yourself and your child with what your body needs!

I have always loved helping others! When I help families get the sleep they all deserve and hear the happiness and excitement in their voices that their child is finally sleeping, is what gives me the sense of fulfillment and my life more meaning. So I say to you, are YOU ready to make that change?