Kelly Hewitt
Sweet Dreams Sleep Consulting
Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE

A South-African mum who has lived in Dubai since 2007 and I would love to tell you about myself and the journey that led me to becoming a Sleep Consultant.

In 2012 I got the amazing news that we were expecting our first born. I was so excited. Like many, my dreams had come true. I envisioned play dates, long pram walks and coffee dates with my gorgeous content, happy little boy. I knew it would have its ups and downs but “sleep like a baby” right? How hard could it be!

Oh, Tristan my sweet baby boy, he came, he screamed, and screamed and continued to scream. My milk didn’t come in, so breastfeeding was a challenge and we had one very unsettled baby boy. Tristan suffered with severe reflux which caused irritability and lots of crying. There were many hours of the day and night spent bouncing, rocking, pushing him in the stroller around the neighbourhood at all hours but settling Tristan was next to impossible. I was desperate for sleep as was he, I felt helpless and exhausted.

After 6 months of severe sleep deprivation and searching for every formula, every colic mixture every possible remedy, I made the decision to sleep train Tristan. I could not believe I waited this long – the difference sleep made was incredible, both in him and our family. He fed better, his reflux was minimal, he was happier we finally got to enjoy our time together.

I then went on to being trained by Dana Obleman to become a sleep consultant. I believe everything in my life has led me to this as I love helping families reach their sleep goals and saving them from the exhaustion, frustration and sleep deprived heart ache.

When I had my daughter, I took a totally different approach, I ensured from day one, my family implemented positive and healthy sleep habits and she was an absolute dream – she was the dream baby! I want you to experience all the things you imagined ~ give your little one the very best start to life ♡