Kerri Chapman
Founder, KC Sleep Consultancy
Limavady, Northern Ireland

I have been a Primary School Teacher for 14 years now. My passion is working with children and that will never change. Throughout the years, I have always been interested in continuing my personal development, so study has been very important to me.

I studied relaxation for kids through ‘Relax Kids’ (which I implement into my plans when working with older children) and I also studied counselling.

So… why did I choose sleep?

When my beautiful daughter Rhaen-Mae was born, no one could prepare me for what lay ahead. As a single parent, I struggled in the beginning and sleep deprivation was a massive issue.

I reached out for help and this made a MASSIVE difference to my life.

My daughter and I were better rested and reaped the benefits of being so. The support and encouragement I received during the change was what made the difference and when working with families now, that is what I feel makes the difference to them.

I decided to undergo the training to become a Paediatric Sleep Consultant and I have not looked back!

It was the best decision I made and I love being able to help families in getting the sleep that everyone needs to function on a daily basis.

My purpose is to help families be as happy and healthy as they can be – and one of the most important ingredients in that equation is a good night’s sleep for everyone in the family.

Cheers to sleep