Kristin Thelen
love. sleep school
Birmingham, Michigan


The pure joy I experienced as a parent after sleep training my own three children, coupled with my personal passion for sleep, motivates my work in helping clients restore restful sleep to their homes.

One principle I know for certain as a Teacher, Mother of 3, and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant is that children thrive on routine! My experience has proven that having a consistent sleep schedule allows for GREATER predictability and peace for my kids and myself (not to mention more sleep!). Sleep patterning and training is complex and there are a wide variety of opinions on what is best. Please allow me to use my skills to assist in taking the stress out of creating the ideal sleep schedule for your child.

I look forward to being your confidant, coach, cheerleader, and continued resource for healthy sleep habits!

A well rested parent, is a happier parent.

Sweet Dreams