Kyana O’Bumsawin
The Sleepy Bee
Sudbury, ON

Hi, I’m Kyana! This is my little Charlee B(rown)–my terrible sleeper, who turned into my Sleepy Bee. She uncovered my passion for helping families’ little one(s) the sleep they need.

As a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, I not only help your child create lifelong healthy sleep habits, but I educate and support your family along the way. My values, family, empathy, and dependability, are embedded in every customized sleep plan that I create. Your child and family are unlike any other, so I ensure to meet your personal needs and goals, and work in alignment with your parenting style.

Quality sleep is the key for healthy development for everyone in your household, but especially the little honeybees who are growing so quickly.

Together, we can get your family buzzing (and sleeping) again.