Lauren Engler
Founder- Via Graces
Alexandria, VA

It all started with my oldest daughter. She just happened to be a great sleeper as a newborn, but when the dreaded four month regression hit, we were lost! And we stayed lost (and exhausted) until she was ten months old and we had finally had enough. Once we had a plan and stuck to it, she started sleeping through the night and we got our evenings back. This mama was able to hang with her hubby in the evenings without fear of wake-ups, or hang out with friends.

No matter what your day to day looks like, a lack of sleep affects every aspect of what you do and who you interact with, and if affects your child just the same. You need someone who has been in your shoes, can give you an effective plan, will encourage you when those old habits want to win, and can help you get some sleep! Sleep is possible for everyone!