Leandré Schoeman
LS Sleep Consulting
Melbourne, FL

Hello fellow mom (and dad)! I’m Leandré and am in pursuit of helping families find great sleep for their child(ren).

Often our days are filled with moments of overwhelm, but it is when those moments flow over into nights of endless struggle to find good sleep for our kiddos that we become desperate for help.

This was me not too long ago. I’ve lived in the US for nearly 5 years and have enjoyed extensive travels for many years prior, but it wasn’t until I had my baby girl that I recognized what the reality of a lack of sleep can do to a family.

The Sleep Sense program proved to be the absolute best solution for our sleep problems. It has given our sweet girl a solid foundation for great quality sleep. I would love to do that for your family, getting your child to sleep through the night and nap well during the day.

My goal is to empower you with tools and resources so everyone in your home can get the sleep they deserve and start their day ready. I look forward to hearing from you!