Leann Low
Founder - Sleepy Bubba Sleep Consulting

This might be a familiar scene to many of you. A 2-week long sleepless marathon of hourly wakes where you are stuck in the nursery, carrying and rocking your baby throughout the night. I wasn’t just miserable, I was close to losing my mind. My husband and I tried everything, but nothing seemed to fit perfectly. That was when we chanced upon the existence of sleep consultants.

Deciding to hire a sleep consultant was a no-brainer. We knew that it would be unfair for our baby if we tried to sleep train him without knowledge and a proper plan. The result? Our firstborn fell asleep on his own within 3 minutes on the 3rd night. He was sleeping a solid 14 hours a day and he became a much happier baby.

I saw many parents struggle with the same issues as we did and I found that the tips and tricks that I had learned were beneficial to them too. Through Sleepy Bubba and my experiences, I want to enable other parents to achieve what we have achieved._