Lindsey Edwards
Lindzzz Little Dreamers
Tulsa, OK

Hi, my name is Lindsey Edwards, I first started my career working in a hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. I always loved helping others, and it has been a passion of mine for as long as I could remember.

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, we were beyond excited! We felt as ready as any first-time parents expecting their first child would. We read baby books, went to prenatal classes, decorated the nursery with cute mobiles, nightlights and little gadgets that made sound and sparkled. In the months leading up to the birth I can recall so many of our friends and family laughing as they exclaimed, “say good-bye to sleep!” or “rest as much as you can, you’re going to NEED it!”

Just like that after my daughter was born apart from loving motherhood, basking in endless amount of love I had for my daughter. I felt very sleep-deprived, emotional and alone! My husband and I were up all hours taking turns rocking her, feeding her, using electronic devices to help and even co-sleeping. Whatever was recommended we tried, just to get any sort of sleep. Naps were proven to be just as difficult. I dreaded night-time and anything to do with sleep.

I grew more exhausted throughout the week and my stress was through the roof. I often wondered when would I be able to enjoy motherhood? How are other mom’s looking rested and their babies are so happy? Is this just my child? Guilt sank in very quickly and so did embarrassment, I didn’t want to tell people being a mother was hard, that I was getting no sleep, my child would often cry and I didn’t know what to do. We have all heard that it gets better over time, sleep will eventually come and they’ll outgrow this “phase”, but my family needed our sleep NOW!

This was when I knew that I wanted to help other parents with children who we’re having the same sleep difficulties get the rest they desired and deserved and a peace of mind to know their child is thriving with the proper amount of sleep. The Sleep Sense Program™ has changed my whole perspective on life and the wellness of sleeping. When I got the opportunity to make this my full-time career, I was eager to start my studies and become a Certified Sleep Consultant with one of the best Sleep Consultant there is, Dana Obleman. I now have the knowledge and success to educate parents and their children on WHY sleep is important and HOW to become better sleepers at night.



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