Lisa Cook
Owner - Lavender Lullabies Sleep Consulting
Haldimand/Norfolk County

My name is Lisa Cook and I am the Owner of Lavender Lullabies Sleep Consulting.  I pride myself in being a very supportive and open-minded individual that is sensitive to each individual family’s needs.

As a mother of 2 beautiful girls, my journey of Sleep Consulting started there.  My first was a terrible sleeper, to which we thought was normal and that we just had to deal with it.  Once our second daughter arrived, we hit our breaking point and finally turned to the sleep sense program.  I am forever grateful for the impact this has made on our lives and our overall well being. Still being able to enjoy those snuggles and cuddles, my time with them is so hands-on and rewarding.  My kids are happier, my husband is happier and I am able to be the best version of a mother I can be.

Through my journey, I became inspired to help others who are experiencing difficulties with their little ones’ sleep.  I would love to pay it forward to many other families, as the gift of sleep is priceless, as well as all the things that come along with it.