Lisa Nava
Nava Sleep Consulting
Toronto, Canada

Hello! Iā€™m Lisa Nava, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Founder of Nava Sleep Consulting based in Toronto, Canada.

I am a proud mama of two little girls who sparked my passion for helping families sleep better. Experiencing firsthand many sleepless nights, it felt like the sleep deprivation would never end. After seeking professional help, our little sweethearts were putting themselves to sleep at night and during the day. I went from battling the next nap and bedtime to enjoying a predictable schedule for our family.

Our experience was life changing and amazing once we all became well rested. After seeing the changes in both our girls due to their sleep, I knew I wanted nothing more but to be able to share this gift of sleep to other parents and babies as well. This has truly allowed me the opportunity to enjoy the time with my daughters and I can do the same for you.