Lisa Ponton
Sweet Lullaby Sleep Consulting
Okanagan, BC

Hello Mom & Dads, and Parents to be,

My name is Lisa Ponton. I am Momma to a sweet little boy and girl. It wasn’t so long ago that I too was having troubles getting my little one to sleep. As a new parent with a wealth of information and advise thrown my way I was overwhelmed and exhausted. This took its toll on my entire life and eventually found help and support in a Sleep Sense Consultant. The whole experience transformed our lives, and I found a new passion for SLEEP…..something I once thought I didn’t need a ton of. I LOVE being able to impact someone’s life in a meaningful way and it warms my heart to help families get the healthy sleep they need.

My goal is not only to have your little one sleeping well independently, but also to leave you the parent with the confidence to tackle anything that might come your way regarding sleep. I look forward to meeting you and your little ones and getting you started on your journey to better sleep!