Louise Williams
Founder/Owner Easy Baby Consulting LLC
Las Vegas, NV

Hi, I’m Louise! I’m a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the Founder of Easy Baby Consulting, but more importantly, I am a wife and a mother to our beautiful baby girl, Anabel.

When our daughter was born, we had everything ready for her…nursery, cute clothes, baby swing, toys…all the typical stuff!

Add that to our prenatal classes and we were going to rock this new parent thing, right? Oh, were we wrong. We quickly discovered that no one teaches you about infant sleep! And our child just did not get the ‘sleep’ thing.

Our baby was a terrible sleeper. Some days she wouldn’t nap all day and my nights were spent nursing her to sleep. The bonding? Amazing. The flexibility? Not so much. This was NOT how I had pictured everything; I was stressed, unhappy, and tired…and so was she.

Something had to be done.

For months, I tried everything to get my baby to sleep: rocking, bouncing, shushing, soft music –you name it, I tried it. When it became clear that these methods were ineffective, I began reading every book about sleep I could put my hands on! I felt so confused by all the conflicting advice, and my sleep deprivation only made matters worse. Then, one night around 3am, I discovered the Sleep Sense program. I admit that I was skeptical of sleep training at first, but my husband and I now agree that it was one of the best decisions we’d ever made.

After just a few nights of teaching our baby independent sleep skills, she quickly became an amazing sleeper – INCLUDING naps. My husband and I then discovered what life is like with a well-rested baby. It’s AMAZING.

After recognizing how well proper sleep techniques could improve my child’s sleep (in addition to my own), I felt so grateful to now be in a position where I could fully embrace the joys of motherhood as a rested mama.

I then jumped at the opportunity to become a sleep consultant myself.

As a sleep consultant, I’ve undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring program, which has given me the very best tools and knowledge available to help you and your little one get more sleep!

Let me help you on your journey to becoming a well-rested family. Know that I have been where you are, and trust me. I get it!