Lucinda Wood
Founder- South Coast Sleep Coach
Nowra Hill, NSW, Australia

Hi, my name is Lucinda Wood; I am a certified infant and child sleep specialist and founder of South Coast Sleep Coach. I live in Nowra on the beautiful South Coast of NSW with my husband, two children, and two kelpies. I love the simple life; being at home with my family and finding joy in not just exciting adventures but also in the daily grind.

With a background in Cancer Care and Public Health, I have a long history of supporting families through challenging times and know the impact chronic sleep deprivation can have on families and overall quality of life. Having children has ignited my passion for helping other parents have the most rewarding parenting experience possible and I strongly believe this starts with good sleep.

People regularly say to my husband and I how lucky we are to have two children who sleep so well. But it isn’t luck- we knew (because everyone told us during pregnancy) that sleep was going to be one of the biggest challenges we face as parents so we tackled it head-on and proved that sleep deprivation is not a prerequisite for parenting.

I went on to become a Certified Sleep Sense ™ Consultant so I can use my expertise and experience to help other families tackle sleep problems and enjoy the huge benefits that follow; sleeping all night is just the beginning!