Madison Lee
Lights Out Little Ones Sleep Consulting
DFW/Plano/Mckinney, TX

My name is Madison Lee, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and founder of Lights Out Little Ones Sleep Consulting. I am a very grateful mama of a 2 year old little girl. She is the light of my life and the one who led me down this path.  I grew up nannying for various families and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology.  Being a First Grade teacher and mother,  while going through rigorous training to be a certified Sleep Sense Consultant, I’ve now had   years of experience with children and their need for routines.

I passionately believe in the gentle methods of The Sleep Sense™ Program. I have had my own experience with it all. Our daughter was sleeping through the night starting at six weeks old. I thought I had some good sleep habits going for her and hoped it would continue. When she was about 8 months old we had a major sleep regression. I had a hard time figuring out how to help her go back to sleeping well. I was the mom that was constantly checking the monitor and hearing her at all hours of the night, while  her daddy didn’t even flinch while sleeping soundly. I would go into her room a few times a night, feeding her back to sleep then rocking her, just to come back a few hours later to do it all over again. I love her so much and kept telling myself this is only a short time period of her young life, I can do this. However, months passed and it became a major strain on our lives. I was constantly exhausted from sleep deprivation along with being a full time working mom. I knew there had to be a solution. I researched as much as I could and was overwhelmed by so many different answers on what to do and what not to do. With my gut instincts, knowing my little girl, and taking what I had learned, I applied several methods including the The Sleep Sense™ Method. After a couple of tough weeks, she was sleeping well again. To this day, she still sleeps wonderfully!

I have always been passionate about sleep and knowing the importance of it. I stumbled upon the Sleep Sense Certification program and strongly felt inclined to pursue it. I was trained by the incredible Dana Obleman and I am thrilled to help families get the sleep they deserve. It fulfills me to know that I can help desperate moms just like I was, that are looking for answers anywhere they can find them. I truly want to continue to help families get their lives back on track.

As your sleep consultant, I take a look at the big picture when designing your child’s sleep plan. There are many factors that I take into account that I have learned to recognize and discover. With my help to guide you, your children will be sleeping better before you know it. Lights out!