Magdalena Nicholson
Founder of Cradle & Crescent
Denver Metro Area, CO and Poland

Hello! My name is Magdalena but I go by Magda. I was born and raised in Poland and at the age of 20 years old I moved to Colorado, US.

My passion for taking care for newborns started when my younger brother was born. After that a lot of events happen – becoming an Au Pair, nanny (full and part time), babysitter and discovering the newborn care specialist profession. I knew this was my time to shine.

Being a newborn care specialist made me more aware of sleep development in kids, sleep deprivation in parents and the importance of habits, routines and expectations. Yes, we adults benefit from it too. From there the passion for educating parents was born.

And here I am. Magdalena Nicholson Newborn Care Specialist and Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Let’s connect and chat about ways I can help you.