Margaret Guccione
Bayou Slumber Sleep Consulting
Lafayette, LA

Hello! I’m Margaret, owner of Bayou Slumber Sleep Consulting and a Certified Sleep Consultant. My first career has been in the field of physical therapy where I have had the opportunity to work with patients and families to enhance and improve functional mobility and promote a better quality of life.

After I had my son I learned how challenging, but important sleep is for a child and the whole family. My son was not a great sleeper early on and believe me when I say I know what it feels like to be an exhausted mother. I bought into a program and developed a passion for learning and educating myself on infant and child sleep and it was the best money I could have spent as my efforts have paid off as my son has been a great sleeper since.

With my education, experience and training I can help get your child the sleep they need for adequate growth and development and peace for the entire family. Are you ready to solve your child’s sleep issues? If so, contact me today, and let’s talk sleep!