María Alejandra Mosquera
Founder - Bloom: Crianza y Maternidad

Hi!! I’m Maria, Gabriel’s mom (my biggest inspiration)….

I also have several certifications in parenting and maternity:

– Sleep Sense Certified Consultant.
– Certified in Detection, Initial Care and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.
– Certified Family Educator in Positive Discipline.

I am the founder and director of Bloom, a platform where parents and caregivers of babies, children and teenagers can find quality information on important topics such as sleep, child sexual abuse and positive discipline in the family. I strongly believe that having healthy sleep habits is fundamental for development, creating protective environments and educating ourselves about child sexual abuse is the best way to prevent it, and educating with respect, kindness and firmness will result in autonomous children and a conscientious parenthood.

When Gabriel was born, I struggled a lot with sleep and exhaustion to the point that sleep deprivation stopped just affecting my mental and physical health; it started to have consequences on my son. When he was 7 months old I decided that for Gabriel’s sake and for my family’s sake it was important to improve everyone’s sleep habits and I hired a sleep consultant to teach my son how to sleep. This changed my life and Gabriel’s, so I wanted to share this success with my close friends and family. Thus, empirically helping other families in this process, I understood that this was the path I wanted to follow by studying the subject in depth and certifying myself with the technical knowledge to make responsible accompaniments to bring to my clients the benefits of restful sleep for children.