Maria Yonova
Unicorn Baby Sleep Consulting

My name is Maria Yonova – I am a psychologist and a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

If the greatest happiness in your life has come in a package with chronic insomnia, I know how you feel. As a mother, I will not forget the crying, frequent awakenings, restless baby and their impact on our health and daily life at home. However, I have news – raising a baby does not have to happen this way.

Counseling and sleep training for children not only restored energy and peace in my family but also opened a new exciting path for me as a professional.

As a psychologist, I know how to listen and advise. If you choose to work with me you will have all my support, understanding, confidentiality, and expertise. I am passionate about what I do and I truly love the Sleep Sense™ method because it is both effective and gentle, fast and with long-term results. I am sure that it can help many other parents in Bulgaria and Europe, so I am here – to hear your story and walk the way to a better sleep together with you.