Marie Gillezeau
The Dream Team

Hi! I’m Marie – a trained, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant™ offering local and worldwide sleep coaching.

As a mother of two, I have had my own sleep struggles. Sleep training my kids had such a positive effect on my family, that I have made it my mission to empower other moms. Families can take control of their situation with the tools, knowledge and most importantly the self-belief, to more fully enjoy their little ones without the anxiety and stress caused by sleepless nights.

Every child has a great sleeper inside waiting to enjoy a good night’s rest. With the right approach, a clear plan, and a positive attitude families can discover their little Dream Sleeper in a short period of time.

The gift of restorative sleep for parent and child is priceless and vital for our health, growth, and wellbeing.

I look forward to being your strategist, coach, and cheerleader as we accomplish and surpass your baby’s sleep goals!