Mary Wolf Whitmire
Calm Down Baby Sleep Consulting
Los Angeles, CA

Hi! I’m Mary, founder of Calm Down Baby Sleep Consulting.

I’m a mom who struggled with sleep deprivation and information overload! I tried all the “things” and quickly found myself co-sleeping with my newborn. It was great… until it wasn’t!

I knew there had to be a better way. After many failed attempts to develop a consistent sleep strategy that worked for my baby and myself I finally took the advice of a friend to hire a Sleep Sense Consultant. With her knowledge and support I was able to learn how to help my baby get his best sleep and it completely changed our family’s life.

My experience was so powerful I knew I wanted to help other families regain their sleep and sanity too! As a result, I’m here to provide other parents with the tools, support and step-by-step plan they need to achieve a peaceful and full night of rest for the whole family.