Megan Vandevanter
Founder-Flourish Everyday Coaching
Clifton Park, New York

Hi, I’m Megan–founder of Flourish Everyday Coaching. I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Health and Wellness Coach, and fellow mama in the Clifton Park, New York area.

I started off my coaching career as a postpartum women’s coach. Naturally, I am passionate about postpartum recovery and finding oneself as a new mom. When I added my certification as a Sleep Sense™ Consultant and can now help moms and children get the sleep they need, it is truly the best job in the world. I personally felt so unprepared after I had my daughter. During my postpartum recovery I felt unsupported as I went through sleep struggles with my daughter, and also postpartum health issues including diastasis recti. I thought I had to endure no sleep because that’s what being a mom is all about … being a frazzled mess. When I finally taught my daughter how to sleep, she really started thriving and I not only got the rest and recovery I needed, but I also could enjoy being a mom so much more!

Getting the sleep you and your child need is SO necessary. I love empowering parents with support, guidance, and education to lead their child to sleep success. When the whole family gets the rest they need you can actually enjoy parenthood! Not to mention seeing how strong your child is, and how capable you are as a parent. It is truly life changing and opens up the doors to a healthy, happy life as the mom or dad you’ve always wanted to be.

There is always a solution. Reach out today!! I would love to support and guide your family to sleep success!