My approach is based around a parenting by connection concept and draws on my training with Hand in Hand Parenting, my work as a Relax Kids coach and the continued Degree course in Birth and Beyond currently being studied.

I am a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant having been personally trained by the awesome Dana Obleman and hold a UK degree level qualification in advanced sleep training. I offer strategies based on connection and attachment, tuning into your child’s needs and natural rhythms.

What is super important to me is that I give you practical ways for better sleep AFTER figuring out the cause of poor sleep.

I am the mother of two gorgeous children – Hannah, 6 and Reuben, 3. I am married to Graham and live in Scotland, UK. As a baby, Reuben had reflux and a Cows’ Milk Protein Allergy (he still has this actually). This had a huge impact on our family and resulted in lots of sleepless nights and days. So I understand your situation to a certain degree.

When you work with me, we move towards a fun and relaxing bedtime routine, boosting connection, happily sleeping at night and taking long restful naps, I coach YOU how to make these changes and very much work towards YOUR sleep goals not mine.

The best way to see how I can help is to simply give me a call! I’m currently offering free 15-minute sleep assessments, we can talk a little bit about your child’s specific situation and I can tell you about my sleep packages and support and how it all works.