Natalie Lester
Baby Sleep Smart
Essex, United Kingdom

My name is Natalie, founder of Baby Sleep Smart and mum of one beautiful little girl.

Prior to becoming a Mum, I didn’t understand the importance of sleep and certainly wasn’t prepared for the sleep deprivation I struggled with when my daughter came along. It left me feeling hopeless and inadequate. I decided that I needed to get some help and found the Sleep Sense program. I couldn’t believe the transformation when we all started to get the sleep we so desperately needed and deserved!

Having personally experienced the exhaustion that many families suffer when their children do not sleep well, as well as the euphoria when they finally do, it became my mission to help other families with their children’s sleep problems. So when I was presented with the opportunity to train as a consultant myself, I was absolutely thrilled.  Having undergone comprehensive training and mentoring with Dana Obleman, I now have the very best tools and knowledge available to help other families.



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