Natalie Schneider
Founder - Everything Postpartum
Emsdale, Ontario, Canada

I am a mom with a passion for helping and supporting other parents. I have always loved babies and children and have tried to spend as much time with them as possible. Since having my son I have become an advocate for a good night’s sleep.

My son was not a good sleeper. We were up multiple times a night every night. We lived a sleep deprived life for a year before I was introduced to Sleep Sense. After doing some research and speaking to a representative at Sleep Sense I decided that I wanted that to be a part of my career path.

I created a sleep plan for my son with resources I received during my training and in just one week he was sleeping from 7pm-7am without waking to breastfeed. I am so happy to be able to use my newly developed skills to help parents get off to a great start with their babies, and to support them with all situations that arise as their child ages.