Nicole Scott
Founder - Nicole Scott Sleep Consultant
Victoria, B.C.

Hello Parents and Parents-to-be.

My name is Nicole Scott. I was born in Winnipeg but moved to Vancouver, B.C. at a young age. After meeting my husband, I now call Victoria B.C. my home.

I have 3 beautiful girls; Adele, Elizabeth and Scarlett. I know first hand being sleep deprived. Having all 3 of my kids close to age, I knew sleep was one of the most important things I need not only for myself but my children.

I have successfully sleep trained all my kids and have used a variety of different methods since not every child is the same. I feel like this is the best gift I can give to my children and to other families. A child who can master the skills on falling asleep independently thrives in so many ways.

As a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant through Dana Obleman, I am able to provide the education and knowledge to other families and help them get their child(ren) sleeping through the night. I am excited for this journey, and look forward to hearing from you!



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