Patricia DeAngelis
Anaheim Hills, CA

Hi, I’m Patricia DeAngelis. I am a certified Sleep Sense consultant and owner of SleepGrace. I work exclusively with babies from 0-12 months and specialize with newborn babies.

When my first daughter, Sophia was born, I was beyond overwhelmed with motherhood and experienced postpartum depression & anxiety. The labor & delivery experience alone felt like running a marathon, but without a finish line since as soon as we got home from the hospital, I was nursing on demand every 1-3 hours. For several weeks I assumed that it was normal for newborn babies to sleep from 45 minutes to 2 hours at a time. When my daughter cried, I figured she must be hungry. However, even though I nursed her constantly, she would rarely appear calm and frequently woke up crying from naps. I felt like a failure as a mother and was so confused by baby sleep articles on the internet that offered contradicting points of views. Every passing week, my PPD/PPA symptoms grew worse even under medication and therapy. I knew that sleep was the missing ingredient to regaining my health, but did not know how to help Sophia sleep for longer stretches.

Thanks be to God, I found the Sleep Sense program and hired a Sleep Sense consultant. At 10-weeks-old, on Night 3 of her customized sleep plan, Sophia slept 11 hours straight through the night and my mind was blown. She went from fussing throughout the day, to calm and content. She woke up happy. My marriage was completely and positively transformed because we could get the rest we needed and have quality time together every evening now that we could expect our daughter to quietly fall asleep in her crib and wake up happy the next morning at 7am.

I’m here to tell you that sleep is not easy for almost every family. As a mom (or dad), you are there to love your child not become a sleep expert. We are here to take care of your baby’s sleep needs so that you and your family do not have to experience sleep deprivation for several weeks or months. Feel free to email us for a free sleep evaluation so that we can help you sleep well within a few days.