Puja Sharma
Founder | The Sleep Project - ME
Dubai, U.A.E | Mumbai, India | Athens, Greece

Hi, my name is Puja, Founder of The Sleep Project- ME

I am a sleep training consultant for children and mother to an amazing little girl and a gorgeous fur baby.

After spending nearly two decades in the IT & Hospitality field; I quit my full time fun job to look after my newborn in 2017, little did I know this also meant no sleep ……

I made a decision to co-sleep with my daughter until she was ready to sleep on her own but Oh Boy!! Was I in for a surprise? This lasted for about three sleep deprived years until we decided that it wasn’t working for her or for us as a family.

After discovering Sleep Sense our little girl not only sleeps independently, she is more focused and an overall happy child and just like that I knew I had found my passion.

For as long as I can remember I believed that everyone should give back to the community.

Gifting quality sleep to families globally is what I wanted to do, and that’s how The Sleep Project came to life……