Rachel Cain
Sleepy Heads Sleep Consulting
Dallas/ Fort Worth Area, Texas

Iā€™m Rachel Cain, owner of Sleepy Heads Sleep Consulting. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and have been a Labor and Delivery RN for 11 years. I have also helped many families get their newborns sleeping through the night as a night nanny for 4 years until my first son was born. Through nursing, I have experience with expecting moms, newborns, post-partum mothers, and breast feeding. I understand the struggles that come with motherhood.

I thought when my son was born, I was going to have him on a schedule, and he was going to be sleeping through the night before I went back to work. Well, this was not the case. I had my own struggles getting him to sleep due to his reflux (GERD). There was a lot of crying and sleepless nights for both of us until I dove deeper into sleep training methods and learned more about the skills he needed to sleep on his own. It was very satisfying seeing his progress just within a few days. We were both getting more sleep. And my husband and I were finally able to leave him with family/sitters and get a night out. Everyone was much happier!

My experience and success with getting my son sleeping made me want to help change the lives of other exhausted parents and their little ones. I believe in the gentle sleep methods that the Sleep Sense Program has taught me because I have witnessed its success. With my experience, background, and training, I can help get your family the sleep that you all need!