Rebecca Went
Sweet Solace Sleep Consulting
Edmonton, AB

Hello my name is Rebecca Went and I am a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and owner of Sweet Solace Sleep Consulting.

After struggling with my own daughters sleep and realizing that something had to change, I turned to the Sleep Sense™ program. I was absolutely amazed at the results we achieved. My daughter, who I thought, would only contact nap or breastfeed to sleep, was now falling asleep independently in her own bed and sleeping through the night at 12 plus hours.

I have a passion for helping not only your child, but your entire family involved with this process. I believe that when our children get a better nights sleep, we do as well thus, creating a happier lifestyle. Each child is unique and therefore a solution for one child isn’t always going to be the answer for the next. I work with you and your family to fit your needs and wants into the sleep plan. I am here to support, guide, encourage, and educate you through your sleep journey.

Prior to becoming a Sleep Consultant I worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse and an Early Childhood Educator. I had the opportunity to work within hospitals, schools, daycare settings as well as a private nanny for some wonderful families. I hope that I can bring my knowledge to help serve you.

Most importantly this is a judgment free area and I can be someone who can relate to you. I look forward to chatting with you and turning your sleep goals into reality.