Rinie Gupta
Founder of Yawn to Dawn Consulting

Hello! I am Rinie Gupta, founder of Yawn to Dawn Consulting, Biological Sciences graduate from NTU, ex-MOE high school educator and most importantly, mother of a vivacious little baby girl, Sara. I became a certified pediatric sleep consultant after going through an intensive training programme with Sleep Sense™ to be able to support families with children in need of better sleep. However, as I am still an educator at heart, my goal is to give parents holistic education about their child’s sleep, nutrition and daily schedule in addition to sleep training techniques to solve not only their current but also future sleep-related problems. I come from a South Asian family, so I know the idea of sleep training is met with resistance and criticism among many families in Asia which primarily stem from a limited understanding of infant/toddler sleep. You can count on me to give you judgment-free, scientifically-backed and easy-to-follow support so you are assured that you’re doing the right thing for your child.

My journey started when I went through the process of sleep training my daughter and organising her day right at 6 months of age under the guidance of a consultant to achieve 11-12 hours of uninterrupted night sleep and 3 hours of daytime sleep. And we have never looked back since. She is still a well-rested happy baby and I am a well-rested happy momma.

I truly believe that babies are much more capable of learning independent sleep skills than we give them credit for. We would teach babies how to walk independently when they are capable of it then why should we hold back teaching babies how to sleep independently when they are capable of that too?

Yours truly,
Rinie Gupta
Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant | Sleep Sense™
PGDE | National Institute of Education
B.Sc. Honours in Biological Sciences | Nanyang Technological University